Sunday, May 31, 2009

Suprise Visit

A surprise visit anger gave my problems today,
Ruined my day and broke some hearts.
People i love, people who loves me,
tears and pain in their hearts i have brought.

A problem so small that anger worsen,
giving a tiny foothold to lies unwanted.
Caught off guard that pierce peaceful hearts,
Pierced by words not meant to be pronounced.

Words released sharper than the sword,
scars so deep, only God can heal.
This is what anger can do in a blink of an eye,
it is unwanted, unexpected, it comes in surprise.

How i wish i could turn back time,
to erase the words I've let go in a snap.
Words unthought about, that wounded hearts,
because of the surprise visit anger has done.

Problems really are blessings in disguise,
but if not handled well,
they're curses ready to charge.
More prepared than we could ever expect

Regret is written all over my soul.
but condemnation is never welcomed for sure.
Forgiveness is the only key,
to these broken hearts I've locked down.

Pride must be offered to God,
to release forgiveness to others and oneself.
Forgiveness is grace given from God,
it shouldn't be taken for granted at any time.

I've learn today,
that problems should be handled with care
or fragile, peaceful hearts,
would be at stake and broken into pieces


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