Wednesday, December 30, 2009

100th Entry


I wonder what it shall bring.
Happiness, Pain or No changes?
I really wonder what's instored.

Such a simple word,
Yet can always surprise us.
Good or bad, what does it bring?

Should i fear it?
Or should I look forward to it?
Excitement for sure is in.

All I can say is that,
Today will produce,
What tomorrow would be.

Should I really worry about it?
Or should I leave it in the hands,
Of the one we call Today?

Tomorrow. Today.
Which should we focus on.
The present or the future?
Weight it, choice is a must.

Tomorrow. Today.
What is Tomorrow,
When Today is neglected.
Today is much important?

I must take one step at a time.
Not leaning so much into Tomorrow,
Yet not lagging too much in Today.
Both must be balanced as i see.

Such a simple word,
Just like Tomorrow,
Yet gives a different emotion.

Such present it is from God,
That should be appreciated,
Not Tomorrow but Today :)

One thing is for sure.
Today I am enjoying,
And Tomorrow is exciting,
Life is a journey for you and me :)

So this New Year we face,
Let your Todays be filled with joy,
And your Tomorrows with excitement.
Enjoy life to the fullest, as God designed it to be.


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