Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mask it All

All I ever wanted was to give joy,

Joy for this holiday we celebrate.
To visit a sick friend is what I want,
But another force doesn't want me to.

I am just so sad,
That this Christmas all i bring is tears,
All i bring is perfect imperfection.
What more could I ever offer.

This Christmas is my saddest so far.
I don't want others to feel it for sure.
So let me bottle up myself this time,
Being open ain't just my thing.

I go to extremes I know I do.
How I wish i have a medicine of cure,
A doctor who could examine my heart,
and teach it to balance as I should.

Why is it so difficult to be me?
How am I suppose to live?
I am always lost and misunderstood.
It's just time to mask it all once more.


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