Wednesday, December 16, 2009

True Success

True Success,

I found today where it lies,
Where it could be found,
where it could be attained.

True success I've found,
Not in my skills or gifts,
Not in my bank account or savings,
Not in how hard I worked with it.

True Success is easily spotted,
But is usually ignored and rejected.
It is challenging and pride killing.
Something hard to accept.

True success is no mystery,
It is in the hands of our God.
How to attain it is in His laws.
True success is found with conditions.

True success will reach dreams,
True success will bless relationships,
True success will pour financial blessings,
True success will create real confidence.

True success is found in His Laws.
This is the only source of true success,
Want to know how to attain it?
Read Ephesians 6: 1-3

It's proven and tested,
Wait for my life testimony too,
and someday I will prove this true.
It's a challenge I would surely face.
To reach the dreams God has given me. :)


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