Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not The Right Season

My heart is in a weird cycle,
I like you now, then not later.
I think it's because I really like you!
Told ya it was a weird cycle.

You are someone I really like,
The outer core of who you are,
Haven't really seen the inner part,
That I am not even sure if you'd reveal.

I just love being with you,
I am always happy to see you.
I enjoy every bit of your company.
I can be myself when you are around.

But then, somewhere deep inside,
I just feel that there is something wrong.
Liking someone ain't bad at all,
but developing emotions is something else.

I think I am liking your company too much,
that I always want you to be around.
It's just not right, we're just friends,
nothing more nothing less.

I mean there's also nothing wrong,
with having such feelings for you.
But then this is just ain't my season,
For that kind of a thing.

This season is for me to reach my dreams,
I am not even sure if you're the one for me,
I just got to fight this emotions,
to keep the friendship you have offered.

I don't want to go to extremes.
I want you stay and not leave.
But for that I must discipline my heart.
It ain't easy but it's worth it all.

I sound like a little desperate kid,
But then I am an emotional thing.
I was made this way, God's way.
I was made to love, to care, to be loved.

It's time to say goodbye to this thing,
this thing i call emotional roller coasters.
Something they call love or whatever.
This ain't just the right season for it. :)


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