Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I will Grow up :)

There's a kid inside of us,
that could never be forgotten,
a treasure meant for keeping,
and hidden for a certain time.

A kid inside all of us,
That tells us to enjoy life,
To take rest when tired,
To live like there's no tomorrow.

There's a kid inside you and me,
Who never stopped telling us,
That we need to love and care for others,
As much as we need to be loved and cared for.

A kid jumping inside of us,
Reminding us that life is a blast,
WHen we focus on the simple things,
Rather than the complicated ones.

There's a kid inside our hearts,
Reminding us of our first Love,
Our first love whom died for us,
Who would never ever leave us.

A kid crying inside of us,
Wishing that we be forever young,
and appreciate life God has given us,
That was meant for us to enjoy.

There's a kid inside all of us,
That would never ever fade,
but could rust and be broken,
And be hidden in deep darkness.

A kid inside all of us,
That shouldn't be forgotten,
but remembered as always,
Even if we've all grown up.

There's a kid inside all of us,
That keeps us smiling,
that keeps us laughing,
that keeps us from crying too hard.

A kid inside all of us,
Reminding us all,
That in the eyes of God,
We are still a kid forever, forever His. :)


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