Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Days...^__^

This is like one of the bestest days of my life!!!:D i'm just so happy to the point i'm typing like speed racer is driving!!

My bestfriend just accepted Christ into her heart... Happy days, happy days..:D and she experienced God today in a very amazing and memorable way...huwa..i'm like so blessed and inspired...:)

I feel fired up now! Im going to share more and more and more! so i can seemorepeople in Heaven and God would be uber happy too!!! *boogie*

Huwaa...watta day...

And i got to learn so many things from my neesan, i am just soamazedhow little i still know... and i wana learn more, and more, and more!

Inspired + Fired + Encouraged + Used by God = Complete Joy

...I love this day *faints*


shobe-chan said...

ne ne ne! i just read this. :D ^_^ i'm uberly happy you re-introduced me to my savior leichan :) and yeah, there's more to life you still have to know! ^_^ duh.. parang alam ko na lahat. di pa gani. nyahahaha XD

buuut sankyu a lot! ^_^

noow, you can tell me anything. :)

since you know me have an open mind and heart. ^_^

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