Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Life, My Miracle

I asked my dad to write what happened to me when i almost died when i was seven years old... and this is what he wrote. I asked him to write this to me, to remind me of God's undeserved love and His sweet smile...

When Jesus Visited Shiriel

You were only seven years old when you were afflicted by an atypical dengue fever. After we brought you to the hospital due to consistently high fever, the doctors for the next two days couldn't give an accurate diagnosis of your illness. They suggested one kind of disease after another as each diagnostic test revealed something new. Finally when they saw the platelet count going down rapidly, that's when they realized it was dengue. One of the doctors reported to me: "Your daughter is the first case of what we call atypical dengue in this hospital."

Due to delayed diagnosis, internal bleeding had already started in your body. We anxiously watched you as you slept most of the time for those three days due to high fever and exhaustion over the pains and stress in your body. As the internal bleeding progressed, you would wake up from time to time just to utter moans due to the pains you were feeling inside of you. This caused us much anguish as we watched you begin to turn to a pale color.

The most agonizing moan that we would hear from you was when you would utter in an exhausted, broken voice and with your eyes still closed because of pain: "Di ko na kaya. Ayoko na. Pagod na ako." And then you would succumb back to sleeping out of sheer exhaustion. This happened almost every 15 - 20 minutes during that third day.

We couldn't bear looking at you as your whole body squirmed when a tube was finally placed through your nose down through your throat to your abdomen to suck out blood from the inside. We were shocked to see the bleeding inside of you successively fill up three separate plastic packs! That was a lot of blood, telling us that your internal bleeding has already done a lot of damage inside!

That third night you were finally given platelet transfusion after a whole day of waiting for those packs. It was during that night that both ina and I were agonizing in prayer for you, even more than the first two days. Your ina, as a mother, was agonizing more for you than I could ever be. I told the Lord that I was not ready yet for Him to take you, that I wanted you back to me and ina.

Jesus heard that prayer. Just before midnight, as I was taking a nap by your bedside, I was suddenly awakened and felt an urge to open my Bible. As I opened it, Psalm 46 was right there in front of me. My eyes fell on verse 5, as if guided by someone telling where to read:

Psalms 46:5

"God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day."

I couldn't believe what I was reading as I felt that God was speaking to me about you. I asked in mixed excitement and surprise: "Lord, is this really You speaking to me? Is this about Shiriel? I really want to know for sure. Please confirm Lord. Thank You."

I waited but soon found myself sleeping out of exhaustion. Around past midnight, I was suddenly awakened by a strong presence at your bedside. When I looked up I saw the Lord Jesus standing at the foot of your bed, with the most beautiful, gentle smile on His face as He was looking at you with such loving eyes. I gasped, and I said, "Lord!"

He didn't look at me yet as He kept looking at you with those loving and gentle eyes. That beautiful smile on His face told me everything: how fond He was of you, how dear you were to His heart, how precious you were in His eyes.

He then turned to me with that loving, gentle smile and told me in a clear, gentle voice as He spoke to my mind in those most unforgettable words: "Do not be afraid. Tomorrow she will be well."

He was gone in the next moment. I couldn't wait for morning to come. After reflecting on what I saw and heard, I fell asleep again.

Your ina was already awake when I woke up around 6 A.M. just to see you wake up and suddenly sit up, looking around. Your natural color was back, and the first words that came out of your mouth was, "Ama ... ina ... gusto ko ng ice cream!"

It was a miracle! Those three days of agony were over as we saw you back to yourself again! Shiriel is back! Thank you Jesus!

Your doctor arrived late that morning to check you up. I saw her look at you with surprise, looked at your records, and back at you, I think around three times, as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing and reading at the same time. After a while of checking with the nurses with her she said to me, "It seems that your daughter has recovered very quickly. We'll observe her for one more day, and if everything goes well, she can go home."

Thank you Jesus! The next day you were discharged from the hospital.

To God be the glory!

Then when i opened the music player in my pc right now... the song "Look what love has done" by Jaci Velasquez... The tempo, the lyrics, His presence... just wow...

I couldn't help, but create a huge smile... I mean... haha I'm basically out of words...



shobe-chan said...

OMG.. :(( i'm so happy i still got a chance to meet you leichan.. TT^TT

i wouldn't have been saved if it weren't for you.. TT^TT

God UBERLY loves you man! ^_^

and He's saving you for a great purpose i believe!

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