Monday, June 16, 2008

Outside My Window...

Recenlty God has proven Himself real to me, real meaning that He IS listening to me... :) Let's just say i prayed a prayer and He answered it without me even praying about it... :)

I just know my life is changing step by step... Slowly He is bringing excitement and fun into my life. I know slowly I am reaching His purpose in my life... He's actually strengthening my faith right now, and my my my, it is a very hard and challenging stage of my life...o.o....

Hmmm... I was just imagining that behind my windows... outside my windows... There's a huge world out there, waiting for me to discover it. Waiting for me to discover the secrets and mysteries of life. Surely God created the Heavens and the earth with great beauty and mystery, and imagine, being able to uncover a secret God has placed on this very land i am living in...

I want to go out of my window and see the world the way God sees it... :) Surely my life would be a living adventure every single day, every single time i wake up... :D

But then again, everything starts at home. So until i find home an exciting place to be in, i would never see the world as exciting as it should look like... :) For God works at home, where my family is... :D

Love God, Love your home, Love your family, and surely you'll love life.


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