Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Little Sculptures!

Finally! I got to create earrings now... :D it's like 75 each! Yahoo!

Anyway I had an uber fun day with shobe and kyodai, haha it was really funny, we found a Pikachu sculpture that looks so funny! it's so distorted!!!! LOL!

Eherm... I had a good devotion this morning and i just realized i should wake up earlier to pray... Coz it's most quiet at dawn... I could hear God clearer in that way... :)

I am going to ask Him about our business called 'Shtuff'. If it'll be a success or if it'll just be a past time... But i do hope it'll be a success! I mean hey! It's ART! and basically art is our life (I mean the three of us)... I think...xD

That's it! I will go to a Bible study tonight!:D and about the crushes... I'm really having a hard time on that!XD Not to mention that i like shobe's cuzins!XD Oh well, oh well... See what i mean? but yeah, I'm trying, and i know i can do it... ^__^

Shobe! HELP me!XD haha


shobe-chan said...

ahahaha ^__^ i'll DEFINITELY help you. :3 you don't even have to ask! :D

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