Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oceans Away

There's this one person i know

whom for sure has no care no more,
We are oceans away from each other,
Communication is as bad as the storms.

Great friendship we had before for sure.
He was my encourager, my inspiration.
He would always cheer me up,
Encourage me with my works.

Now that I'm miles and oceans away,
He shouldn't be my inspiration no more.
Yet i was wrong. I trust him in such a way,
That oceans and miles couldn't break.

Until now its him whom i show my work,
He doesn't reply at times,
But then i still show him with no regrets.
I trust him in away, i couldn't forget.

Our friendship i couldn't explain,
but i like it in a way, that it doesn't end.
He's still my friend, i couldn't care less.
I hope Heavens would send, my care for him.


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