Thursday, May 14, 2009

Passing by

Someone I met today.

He's simple, calm, and quiet.

Whenever i hear piano keys,

He's the perfect description.

Each key is a surprise,

Just like his personality,

So many mystery hidden within,

That's exciting to unlock.

A giggle he would present,

that makes me calm at distress,

He's so calm and prince-like,

that makes me smile at times.

My heart took a deep beat,

When he ate my sweets.

Simple it may be,

but who cares, I'm complete.

His works were the best,

He inspired me deep within.

Great beauty i saw,

Written all over his piece.

I know this is not love i feel,

It's an admiration i keep.

He's a good memory to keep,

that would surely make me flip.

So today i thank this mystery man,

for passing by my life today,

it was sure a bliss to have you here,

even if it was just for a day...:)

See you in heaven i know,

there i could love you,

Love you the way i love others,

with no malicious thoughts. :)

Till then, mystery man today,

I hope i see you again. 

Take care on your flight,

I pray for a blissful night.


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