Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Random Entry

"Hello Good Day" he says,

a simple word he utters,

that makes my heart flutter.

Amazing feeling isn't it?

The normal things around,

Seem magical when he's there.

Things ignored before,

is now seen in great awe.

In love I am, you say?

Not really, more on the search.

Deep in my heart, it longs,

Longs for a prince she never knew.

Someday i want to feel those emotions,

those fluttering tummy butterflies,

those perfect best days proclaimed,

those meaningful dinners.

But then... I do also know,

that when my heart searches,

my prince would never come.

This is one truth that i love. :)

I love it coz i love surprises.

How can surprises be a surprise,

if it's excitedly expected?

It's not a surprise but rather an expectation.

I want my prince to surprise me,

I don't want to expect him to be perfect.

I want to understand and know him,

i don't want to dictate whom i want him to be.

Someday i know he'd come,

and when that day comes,

He'd be reading this insight,

together with my other poems.

I write all of these from my heart,

to my future prince alone,

that he may know who i truly am,

behind every smile i present.

Senseless entry this is for sure,

but i just can't stop thinking about,

a prince whom i don't know for now.

Someday he'll come when i stop looking for him.

But for the meantime, i will write,

write until the time i get tired of it.

A future prince whom God will give me.

The best of all for sure i know...:)


Vahntotie said...

Uyyy.. Kilig-ever si Shii :P

Honestly, I really enjoy it when I read your poems like this, it really brings a smile on my face, hehe.. Kinikilig? ahaha.. But seriously, I really have fun reading it.. And it's not senseless, it's actually fun to read.

Okay lang iyan Shii, tao ka pa rin, you still feel.. and you're a teenager ^_^

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