Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here I am at the feet of my Saviour,

Unable to see what is ahead,

Feeling despair and loneliness,

Lost at the path i once walked on.

Somehow my saviour stood before me,

Covering me in His shadows,

Feeling emotions i deeply dislike,

Dark, Depressing, Scary.

I thought my Saviour is walking away,

Long away from me for reasons i never knew.

I cried, I deeply longed for His voice,

He is near, but all is just so dark.

My soul was hungry as ever,

To fight or not to fight is at war,

Faith and Doubt is clashing,

But His Love reigned all of them.

Tears run down my cheeks,

Arrows pierce through my heart,

Anger and confusion crept into my mind,

Desperation reign all of me.

I never tried to look up,

for i was tired and lost,

Unable to find the answers,

to my never ending questions.

Where is He?

Why did He Leave me?

What did I do?

Does He love me?

I fought with my emotions,

Held a strong grip on my faith,

Fought the deep fear in my heart,

I looked up despite the darkness in my life.

As i looked up, i saw a light,

A light that showed great glory and splendor,

I stared at this bright majestic light,

searching the whole figure of this light.

As i scanned through the feet of my Saviour,

I didn't see His back, but rather His front.

HE wasn't walking away, HE was walking nearer.

So near, that His shadow reigned all over me.

He extended a hand and smiled at me,

No word was uttered between us,

But great love and concern i felt within,

The true love of a Saviour seen through His eyes.

As He held my hand, He has brought me to a new path,

A path I am so unfamiliar with,

Yet was filled with angels and great wonders.

I just new He has brought me to a new journey.

He has closed the path of the journey i once walked on,

Bringing me closer to this new level of intimacy.

A new level of hand in hand with my Saviour,

A more powerful and fearsome adventure.

No matter how fearsome this path maybe,

My Saviour will never let go of my hand,

We will walk all through out this road,

With complete Love and Passion for the Father...:)


Vahntotie said...

"I will never leave you nor forsake you." hehe.. it may sound so cliche, but it's a promise Jesus gave to us. Somehow I can relate to this kind of situation, almost all of us do, and we really know that living far from Him is really a mess, we make a lot of wrong decisions and we tend to fix things on our own which leads to burning ourselves out..

But I believe God sees your heart that You really seek Him so much, and I believe God will bless the humble heart you have. :)

"Mr. MG" -Vahn ^_^

Vahntotie said...

And I love the way you wrote it. ^_^

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