Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today is a funny day.

I was thinking about how i would love giving gifts to my future one last night. I usually give gifts to strangers who has touched my life or gave me a deep insight. A lot sees me as weird when i do this, but what can i say? I love appreciating those who pass by my life.

Then i thought that someday when my prince would come, i'll bombard him with gifts. Then i imagined him giving me unique ones and little simple gifts too :)

Then the funniest thing happened today. While i was washing the dishes. I looked out my window still deep in thought, when a yellow unique bird flew at the wire outside my window. It's the kind of bird I don't usually see. No wait. It's the first time i saw a bird like that!XD

It was so yellow, it had a long beak it was small, it had black wings and some white stripes just below its eyes. It's so beautiful, the yellow color was so rich. Then as i smiled, i just felt God whisper, "I sent that for you, do you like it?"






My heart leaped. I was speechless.

There i was thinking what my future prince would give me, when God was already there bombarding me with small simple but rare gifts. God is my king, and it was so sweet of Him to have sent me that little bird. :) 

The best part was when he asked me if i liked it. His whisper was so sweet, it's as if it made my face muscles bring out a very huge smile.

It's one of those days were i could have ignored this little thing, but this time i didn't and i received His gift. :)


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