Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Took it All Away

I've drifted away from you long ago,

Never knew what really happened,

But ever since i felt so empty and scared.

Dark clouds of loneliness never left me.

Questions I asked of you what has happened,

I waited and waited, until the dark of dawn,

I finally stopped asking and stopped talking.

I stopped and ran to my friends for help.

My friends where always there,

I actually began ignoring you,

For i thought you were mad at me,

I call out but you don't answer me.

All was okay, until to my great surprise,

Little my little, my friends were fading away.

Even my security and comforts at home faded.

I was so alone again, I am deeply lost, confused.

I kept thinking, "Was it you who took them all away?"

But i believe you would never ever do that to me.

You are not a God who takes happiness away.

All i know is when You close a door, you open a gate.

Suddenly, i found the truth, You took them all away.

You were the one who took all my friends,

You were the one who took my comfort away.

You took it all away, my Lord, You took it away.

You took it away for a reason i didn't see before,

You wanted to take me into a deeper level with you,

That my faith will grow stronger than before.

You wanted to bring me up, not down.

You took them all away for me to see clearly,

That i should depend on you alone,

That despite all my emotions or feelings,

There is a strong foundation of faith in my life.

Now i understand why you were silent,

You were testing me and you knew i could do it.

Now i understand that you never left,

You are actually nearer now than before.

You took them all away that i may see you,

That in every season of my life, its you whom i seek,

That despite all the storms in my life, you are still God.

That  in everything i do, i will worship you.

You took them all away in my life,

I thank you, coz now all i have is you.

Let this passion burn for you,

For you are the reason why I am living today.


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