Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Men. period.

I hate to admit it, but yeah i think i'm beginning to be boy crazy again. Then i wondered why. It's because i've been lazy recently.

Being lazy makes my brain lazy as well, leading to endless thinking and endless slouching. Leading me to think about nonsense things like boys! ~_~

I'm not saying boys are nonsense, but thinking about them endlessly IS nonsense...just imagine a guy that only thinks about girls.

I came to a conclusion to stick to only one guy for now. I'm sticking to a brother of a friend of mine who lives in another country. That way, feelings won't develop and longing of the other gender won't increase..:D

I mean that's what i did with Kyle, I liked him up until yesterday and that paved a way for me to be single for almost 6 years... :D cool huh? So yeah i'm sticking to this guy and it'll end my boy crazy and let me focus on God.

I want God to be the center of my heart. Not boys... :) I can't do this alone i know, but I can do this with God!:D *w00t*


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